The Tree

In the summer of 1997, outdoor artist Jim Hale was commissioned by the Firm to carve Lady Justice in the trunk of a large tree in front of the office. This tree had died, but Larry wanted to save the trunk and have a carving done. It took over a year to locate the right person for the job. The entire carving was done with a chain saw, and each step was chronicled by WIBW channel 13. In the days that Jim worked on this project, motorists literally stopped traffic to watch what was happening. In fact, entire families came and sat on the porch to watch Jim work. Jim had several other carvings in the Topeka community, including ones at Ward-Meade Park, Cair-Paravel Latin School, Whitestar, and the Scoreboard. Additionally, Jim was an accomplished sculptor and was also a judge for the national duck stamp competition. Jim Hale passed away in April of 2002. Visitors are welcome to stop and take pictures and do so regularly. The staff has even spotted a trolley full of partiers stopped on the boulevard to admire the sculpture. The Law Firm of Tenopir & Huerter is proud to have helped bring this new landmark to Topeka.

When you have something as unique and wonderful as the carving of Lady Justice that graces the tree in front of the Law Firm of Tenopir & Huerter, you want to find other ways to share it. Larry and Joe decided that they wanted to put that image on their business cards and letterhead. Joe consulted with Tatyana Wilds, who prepared several drawings. It was quickly determined that an authentic representation of the tree would not work for this purpose, and a more stylized version was selected. Tatyana studied art , and her work has been exhibited and sold in Russia and throughout Europe. The Law Firm of Tenopir & Huerter is proud to have Tatyana's first commissioned work in the United States. The original drawing can be seen in our lobby, and copies can be found on any of our printed materials or display ads.

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