Getting Started

For so many people, this is going to court can bring on feelings of anxiety, sometimes severe.  The courtroom may seem to be a frightening place where bad things may happen.  Our attorneys know the courtroom, and will be there to stand between you and those who would try to do you harm.  But that begins before we ever get to the courthouse.  We will take time with you to understand your situation, hear your concerns, and establish goals for a positive outcome.  We work together with our clients to get a complete and accurate understanding of the facts.  We also learn your priorities.  What is most important to you

Even while we are gathering the facts, we begin to research the law, to prepare to present your case to obtain the best possible result.   To help in gathering information, we may provide you with questionnaires for you to complete as well as checklists for documents or other items we would as you to provide.  This will help you focus on the most relevant and important information. 

We will discuss your options with you. 

If we are authorized by the client, we can explore options for settling issues with the opposing side, but we do not settle cases without the permission of our client.

We can and will give you advice based on our experience and knowledge, so that you can make good decisions.  After all, whether it is settling a divorce or custody matter, a personal injury case, or making a plea decision in a criminal matter, it is your case, it is your life, it is your decision.  We are there to help you make the best decision and to represent you when that decision has been made.

We provide serious representation for serious matters.