Providing Serious Representation for Serious Matters since 1984

The Law Firm of Tenopir & Huerter

Experience  Matters

Established in 1984, The Law Firm of TENOPIR & HUERTER has been helping clients protect their blessings and meet their most serious challenges.  We can prepare wills, trusts and guardianships to provide for loved one, and assist with the purchase or sale of a home or business. We also represent people who have been injured and can’t work or enjoy their lives as they had before, as well as people whose families are coming apart from divorce.  We zealously defend those accused and facing criminal prosecution.  At The Law Firm of TENOPIR & HUERTER we provide Serious Representation for Serious Matters.  It’s what we do, and what we’ve done, since 1984.


Why Choose Us



We try cases. We like the courtroom, which is good because our attorneys spend a great deal of time there vigorously defending the rights of our clients.



They say “Knowledge is Power” and our lawyers stay up-to-date through professional associations that provide ongoing training and information.



Our lawyers hold leadership roles in professional legal organizations, and their knowledge and professionalism have been recognized.

Getting Started

For so many people, going to court can be terrifying. Our attorneys stand between you and those who would try harm you. That begins by being fully informed and fully prepared before we ever reach the courthouse.

Our Attorneys

Awards & Recognitions

Over the years our Firm and our Attorneys have been Recognized and Awarded by many organizations.